What our clients write about us

Jean M. 


My experience with Sarinah Brown was excellent. I was in a very bad place, concerning my mental health. I had tried, at least, 7 different medications over a period of 4 months and not one of them helped with my symptoms. I met with Sarinah and, right away, she diagnosed me and was able to put me on the correct medication, through using DNA testing. My results showed that all the medications that my former NP’s and PCP had tried me on for my symptoms were not effective. I have already referred a friend to Sabrina. My friend had suffered from a mental health condition for over 20 years; the medication she had been put on stopped working. Sabrina was able to diagnose her and my friend is now feeling great!

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Edward B. 


After a workplace accident I became dependent on pain medication which led me to a downhill spiral. I was in danger of losing my job, family and friends. After meeting Ms. Brown I realized that although I was physically healed I now needed to be mentally treated to get back to productive person I was. Her knowledge, insight, compassion and most of all her caring led me back from a dark place. I definitely was not the best patient but she stuck by me at times when even I wanted to quit. I can honestly say I am a better person today than before my accident because of Ms. Brown. I needed someone to guide me and keep me on the right track and that was her. She was never more than a phone call away and never had to wait or worry for her response. I highly recommend her, she is someone who actually listens and cares and wants to help. I am now up for a promotion at work thanks to her guidance and support.

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Sarinah Brown is attentive and listens to the needs of the patient. She works with you on what medication’s improve your quality of life. She monitors closely medications that work and don’t work and finds a way to find a great balance to complement the diagnosis. I would recommend her to all.

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Miss Brown is a compassionate practitioner, she spent way more time than other psychiatrists I've been too. She is thorough and detailed, she makes you feel heard, welcome and safe. Her staff is friendly and put my nerves at ease, I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

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Most of my experiences with the mental health system have been pretty awful and led to me completely giving up on taking care of myself mentally for quite a while. Now finding myself in need of help again, I reached out to dozens of practices, psychiatrists and therapists. The only one that got back to me was Pinnacle Health and Sarinah. Almost all of my prior experiences in the mental health system have been discouraging, but Sarinah was welcoming, listened to me and seems to have my best interest in mind. It was really a breath of fresh air and really made me feel like I'm on the right path to getting my rind right and my life back together. Incredibly thankful for Sarinah and what she's done for me so far. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

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