Our Team 

Sarinah Brown, CNP-PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner 

Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacologist, Runner, Mother, Animal lover.
Sarinah is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with over 16 years of nursing experience. She provides medication management and counseling.
Sarinah works with a wide range of patients that struggle with mental health and addiction issues.

Dr. William Zella 


Dr. Zella can make the most complicated subjects very easy to understand.
With over 30 years experience Dr. Zella provides therapy to adults suffering from mental health conditions. 


Emotional Support Dog 

This boys provide emotional support, unconditional love in a no judgment zone.

Animals have the ability to make us  feel good. Research  shows pets can ease loneliness, reduce stress, anxiety and depression, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection. Perhaps most importantly, though, a pet can add genuine joy to the human life. 

Heidi Badot

Paula Turley  

Office Administrator/Biller  

Heidi and Paula are our Client Care/Administrative Coordinator/Billers whose role is dedication to responding to you and your questions quickly and without judgment. They will help you feel comfortable as you begin your treatment journey.  Starting the conversation is the first step and, for some, can be the hardest. You pick the method of communication that makes you feel most comfortable to get the ball rolling. You can phone Heidi or Paula at 781-754-6545. 

Welcome to Golden Insight 

 what we do

Providing psychotherapy and psychopharmacology management. 

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Covid Care


Eat regularly. It may sound simple, but getting enough nutrition gives us the energy we need to get through the days, think clearly and quickly, and sleep better at night.

Keep moving


Even if you don’t have time for your usual workout, getting in 15 minutes physical activity can improve your quality of sleep and help reduce stress.

Prioritize sleep


Hold your sleep time sacred as an important part of your self-care. It’s tempting to stay up a few extra minutes to watch that show, check social media or play games on your phone — don’t. Your sleep is a critical part of restoring your mind and body, and recharging for the next day.

Practice pausing


Whether using mindfulness or taking deep breaths, taking a moment to pause can help center you back to the present moment when stress and anxiety are high.

Genesite testing available 

genetic testing provided. 

GeneSight Psychotropic is a pharmacogenomic test which means that it analyzes how your genes may affect medication outcomes. The GeneSight test analyzes clinically important genetic variations in your DNA. Results can inform your doctor about how you may break down or respond to certain medications commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric conditions.